How to Build a Dynasty

Matthew McKenna
6 min readJan 24, 2022


So, you want to start a dynasty, eh?

Although the days of traditional warlords such as Genghis Khan are behind us, you can still build your dynasty according to modern rules. For those of you who aren’t familiar with a dynasty, think of it as a powerful club of your friends and family who control society (for the better, of course). Every human civilization saw an elite group of people, dynasties, who possessed a disproportionate level of power of influence. Our society today is no different. Even though social change and progress have occurred throughout history, there have always been elite groups at the top of society throughout these transitions. This guide will equip you with how the create a dynasty that’ll be a ruling player in your country and culture for generations to come.

While everyone else is sitting around watching Netflix, you’ll have to work hard if you want to create a dynasty. You’ll have to be a part of the elite, which means you need to work to build money. Contrary to popular belief, this is possible. You’ll just have to work for it.

The first thing to do with your money is to get into real estate. Acquire land — lots of it. Property is the oldest form of wealth and the foundation for any great dynasty. You’ll want to be a landowner, rather than someone who just works the land. To build your influence, you need to have property.

The West, generally speaking, protects property rights as the foundation of legal society. Without the state assuring that the property of businesses and individuals is secure, investment into the country would be a risky gamble. The state can’t afford to not protect property rights, so get yourself into the protected club. I’d recommend learning the property laws of your country and state to ensure you understand how the system works to best protect your fundamental asset.

Property is power. Not only is your land ownership protected by the state, but you also have a place to live for free once you own the land. Often you’ll have to pay property tax, but this fee will be minimal compared to the income you can earn from your property.

Renting your property to others is an effective way to earn cash. If you’re looking for other ways to earn money through property, you can also develop the land for agricultural, industrial, or business purposes.

Along with land, you need money to build your dynasty. You can’t always rely on your property to generate income, so it’s good to diversify into other investments.

You have to remember that money itself is worthless, it’s the goods that money can buy that have value. Acquire the things of value rather than hoarding cash. You’ll want to avoid having too much money in savings. This isn’t helping you make more money, and if anything, you’re losing wealth since inflation is eating up the value of your savings.

Other investments you should consider are shares of profitable companies, stocks that pay dividends, hedge funds, precious metals, and cryptocurrencies.

It’ll also help if you own a business that generates further income. You’ll want to register your business as a corporation as soon as possible. Being a corporation allows you the benefit of being taxed in a lower tax bracket, various loopholes for tax deductibles expenses, and also shields you and your business partners from personal liability since the Western legal system recognizes corporations as a distinct legal entity.

Once you’ve solidified your place as an economic powerhouse, you’ll want to enter the political realm. You can bribe politicians and political parties with generous donations to their election campaigns with enough money Funding lobby groups will also be effective in pressuring the government to support your desired policies.

It will also help to become involved with a specific political party. With your accomplishments in business and deep pockets, you’ll go a long way in the party. Soon enough you’ll be influencing the party platform, policy, and strategy, maybe even taking a leadership position, unless you want to work in the shadows.

While you’re involved in politics, it’s crucial to pay attention to public education. Who controls the schools controls the next generation. Who controls the next generation controls the future. Using your power and influence, mold the education system according to the values you see fit. Slowly but surely, adjust the curriculum content to further your cultural objectives and work diligently to get the right people in the right administrative positions. You’ll also need to mold the culture outside of the classroom.

To enhance your dynasty’s influence, the next step should be to acquire a media outlet. “News companies” aren’t just news, they’re a means of information distribution. In the words of George Orwell, “Knowledge is power.” Not power for you, but power over others. As the owner of a media outlet, you can choose the information you want the masses to know to shape your audience’s worldview. This will further your political objectives and continually grow your influence.

Once the media is under your control, set your sights on The Academy and other academic institutions. Make sure the “experts” are singing the tunes of your choice. Fund scientific studies, research organizations, and academic institutions that align with your desired ideology. Using your political influence, gradually insert people into the academic setting who are sympathetic with your goals. Use your media outlets to provide a mouthpiece for whatever topics will solidify the academic consensus you wish to pursue.

At this point, it would be wise to familiarize yourself with the common people. Involve yourself in the community to understand the masses and show yourself as a virtuous benefactor. If you’re seen as a generous and charitable figure who prioritizes the community, you will be loved by the people. If you allow yourself to be a part of the community, you will know the common tongue. It is crucial to keep yourself from becoming disconnected and elitist. Not only is it a troubling look, but you separate yourself from the knowledge of your culture. Understanding the people and current trends is important if you want to maintain your influence.

While involving yourself in the community, be mindful of the various religions and spiritual traditions. Insert yourself into religious communities and become a friend of the faith. Learn wisdom from spiritual traditions and adjust your narrative to resonate with particular religions. Human beings are profoundly spiritual, whether religious or not. If your dynasty can strike a spiritual cord of the masses, there will be a divine force behind your support.

Now that you’re a major player in the economy, government, education, media, and community, your dynasty has considerable influence. To grow your influence and become an unstoppable force, you should then focus your sights on sports and entertainment. Local sports teams and movies aren’t just a fun night out, they’re an opportunity for your dynasty to shape the hearts and minds of a culture. Consider buying a sports team to have access to the fans. You keep them distracted with games while selecting the advertisements and subtle political messages they’re exposed to. Owning a sports team allows you to take the pulse of a community which can prove immensely valuable. Also, consider funding the production of movies and influencing which stories are created to influence the cultural narrative. People perceive the world through stories. The Greek philosopher, Plato, thought that myths and storytelling should be reserved for the wise and virtuous ruling class due to the power stories have over the minds of a culture. Promote stories that further the philosophical objectives of your dynasty and you will mold the narrative of a population without them realizing it.

Above all, make sure you take care of your people. It’s unwise to make enemies when friends are much more fruitful. If those that work for you are well compensated and have no reason for resentment, they will love you and be grateful. In Ancient Rome, generals would pay their armies from their fortune, this would ensure the loyalty and devotion of their soldiers. When a general would compensate their soldiers well, they would side with their general over their allegiance to Rome.

Speaking of soldiers, a dynasty must have teeth. Since you’re now a very important person, it would be wise to hire a private security team. But private security won’t be enough to secure your dynasty when the waves get rough. Use your power and influence to make friends with high-ranking generals and chiefs of staff. In the event of social unrest or political instability, you’ll want to be on the side with the military rather than looking down the barrel of their weapons. In times of peace, your soldiers will be dollar signs and media headlines. In times of conflict, you’ll be glad you have connections with the military apparatus.

And finally, aim your dynasty’s ambitions at the common good. Serve peace, prosperity, and human flourishing. Remember, dynasties collapse more often from internal decay than external attack. Revolutions are born out of injustice, extreme inequality, and corrupt governance. If you want to build a successful dynasty, strive valiantly towards the conditions that will discourage a population from rebelling.



Matthew McKenna

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