Why Does Stuff Move?

What forces govern the movement of the world? There seems to be movement in the physical universe and movement in our Experiential world, but what started it? What is it?

The moving principle of the forces/patterns that govern the physical world are metaphysically the same Thing as the forces/patterns that govern consciousness, thought of as Experiential Movement.

I want to look at the source of this movement and its origin. It seems patterned, expressing fractal and archetypes — Seemingly intelligent and not of this world, yet Transcendent and governing our physical universe.

And Experience experiences it. It actually lives in the world and perceives these patterns all around them.

Experience experiences and symbolically represents the world, and tries to understand it/It. The Self tries to explain to itself (and other selves) what the world is and how it works. The Self tries to explain how to articulate this pattern symbolically, and expresses it in terms of a myth. This is the power of story; the experience/Experience of the story.

These stories and narratives appear to have similarities, and seem to be based on an ultimate or meta-narrative. The True Narrative, that which all the other narratives are based and spring forth. The narrative structure of Experience itself. It tries to show the patterns, which are often expressed as mythologies.

What is the final aim of this experience? What is the nature of Experience? Why did organic life become embedded with the ability to experience at all? What is Experience trying to do if it experiences anything? Why did Experience emerge? Experience is perceiving and simultaneously trying to express a pattern, what is the source of this pattern? What’s this pattern that governs the rules of the cosmos? What is this Moving Principle?



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